2016 – The year of fuckery

It’s only turning to August and already this year has seen some of the harshest news reports in the decade. Bomb attacks, mass shootings, racial attacks, presidential election, and that’s just a few. We are plagued with nothing but horror whenever we try keep ourselves updated with the world news. With social media at the core of all we do, it’s impossible not to scroll down your whatever-timeline and not see someone talking about some harsh reality someone somewhere is fighting.

My heart aches whenever I hear the news of another life lost at the hands of someone else. How can someone justify taking another persons life? How do you justify that you are the decider of someone else’s fate?

I honestly don’t ever see myself bringing kids into this world for the sole reason that I don’t know how long this planet is going to be livable. I can’t wait for the news that a new planet has been found inhabitable…I also know we as humans will destroy it yet again.

People are hungry for power and money, not love and peace. People want aggression because they’re told it solves everything. Some people are willing to destroy everything we have in an attempt to have their way of life lived. People are so against other’s beliefs that they refuse to allow them to have them.

We are all on this earth together and although water may divide us, we all see the same stars and the same moon and sun. It’s beyond stupid that we are allowing our pride to get in the way of what could be the best co-living arrangement ever. We fight with other countries to the point that we’re bombing them for no reason other than our own beliefs. We refuse to acknowledge differences of culture and try to erase any inheritance of our own just to fit the mold that someone – who, I do not know – has decided is the best.

Our world is slowly falling apart and all I can do is sit and watch while baby boomers make rash decisions and demand power. Power is nothing if we’re all dead, if we’re all at war. Power is nothing in the grand scheme of things.



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