10th – 16th October…

The week of the 10th of October is NZ Mental Health Awareness week. This holds an important place in my life because mental illness is something both myself and many of those around me suffer from. NZ is still among those countries that aren’t able to accept those diagnosed and are unable to erase the stigma behind mental illness. Of course we are more progressed than where we were ten or twenty years ago, but we are no where near finished working towards equality.

Mental illness is treated like a disease. We steer clear of those with any signs of mental illness or health issues. Whether it’s from lack of understanding or pure bigotry is unknown. Until we make people aware.

For this week I’m going to try make a post every second day to help raise awareness on mental health and mental illness. I’m going to make everything we think is “ugly” and “disgusting” be shown in a more open light. The only way things are going to change is if those with the knowledge and understanding help those without it.



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